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Even the most reliable system wears out after a period of time, and when that happens, time is money: Every hour without the right spare part reduces the availability and thus the profitability of your packaging line.
Since the need for spare parts is hard to forecast, stocks are often excessive, resulting in considerable cost. We have the solution: our 24-hour spare parts service. Service parts can be included as part of a service agreement or be ordered directly from Lachenmeier
We can guarantee you the availability of the spare part you need for the operation of your Lachenmeier equipment. Within 24 hours of receiving an order we ship parts worldwide.
Our 24-hour spare parts service offers you the following:·
  • 24-hour spare parts storage: the right spare part, up-to-date in software and hardware, perfectly stored and maintained.
  • Quick response times, quick solutions to problems. (international) - North America and Canada



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Why Lachenmeier

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