World Wide Service

Lachenmeier is committed to providing its customers with the quality service they deserve. Our US based service engineers work closely with customers to ensure a continuous high performance level. Lachenmeier service engineers are trained in film technology and advanced trouble shooting of the equipment. Remember, the machine and film work together as a system. This system understanding enables our service engineers to quickly isolate any issues with the machine and/or film, thus saving the customer valuable production time and money.

If parts are needed, they will be expedited from our parts facility located in Arlington Heights, IL. Preventive maintenance programs are available through Lachenmeier. These proactive programs will help ensure your system is working at its optimum performance level. This may also include continuous training for operators and maintenance staff.

Lachenmeier is only a quick phone call away. Call our North America Sales and Service Center at (877) 859-7205.

Our 24/7 emergency hot-line (01145) 73422200 will put you in contact with a service engineer.

We are never far away...

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our service concept. - (international) (North America and Canada)