Pallet wrapping with cost savings

Pallet wrapping. How to pack your products with Lachenmeier stretch hood.

Signode Denmark, former Lachenmeier, is one of the leading global packaging machine providers as well as suppliers of related packaging film. We are dedicated to the process of manufacturing high quality innovative packaging products that boost customer’s efficiency and profitability.

With a product portfolio that includes Lachenmeier stretch hood machines we answer to a broad range of market segments.

Pallet wrapping - All wrapped up in the smartpack concept.


Pallet packaging - How to pack your products - guaranteed cost savings.

Less is more

Less is more

Lower your packaging costs without compromising load stability.

Pallet Wrap Audit

Pallet wrap audit

Does your packaging match your application?

Are you sure that your pallet wrap provides you maximum performance at minimum costs?

Request a FREE pallet wrap audit.

Wrapping Equipment

Wrapping machines

Lachenmeier offers a wide variety of stretch hood packaging equipment that covers a broad range of industries.

Wrapping Film

Wrapping Film

Choose the right stretch hood film for the optimum load stability.

We test your products to find the lowest possible price per pallet without compromising with load stability. 

Lachenmeier provides optimum pallet load stability by doing more with less... 

Industry Solutions

Facing bricks, back wall bricks, roof tiles, light concrete, pavers, ceramics, etc. 

Bag packaging - Cement, mortar, gypsum and lime as well as roofing plates, flooring and other building products.

Tall loads of insulation batches, large loads with gypsum boards or EPS boards, etc. 

Food products in boxes, jars, cartons, bottles and other container types.

Chemicals in bags, big bags and octabins.

Paper packaging and corrugated packaging.

Empty containers and bottles

Beverages in either PET bottles, cans, cartons, glass, fridge packs, tetra bricks.

Wood pellets and fiber fuel



Washing machines, refrigerators, dryers, freezers, cookers, etc.

You name it, we wrap it...