Why Lachenmeier

Why Signode / Lachenmeier

Why choose Lachenmeier pallet wrapping systems?

Lachenmeier has a huge experience in stretch hooding and shrink bagging equipment. We developed stretch hood technology and introduced the first fully automatic stretch hood machine to the global market in 1988.

Lachenmeier, unlike our competitors, focuses only on the manufacturing of stretch hood equipment, stretch hood film and shrink hood equipment. We do not try to manufacture, so called complete equipment lines, which may include baggers, palletizers, hooders, conveyors, etc. In our opinion, a company's manufacturing focuses become too wide spread, which dilutes the overall quality of each machine and the system they offer. The Lachenmeier philosophy is more streamlined. Build great wrapping equipment, then partner with companies with the same business philosophy, in order to produce the best packaging systems four our customers.

Lachenmeier has sold more than 2000 automatic wrapping machines on the world market. Many of these machines are still running well after more than 20 years of operation.

Our stretch hood equipment is designed with a hydraulic stretch system, which is the most durable on the market. The Lachenmeier stretch hood machines are designed to wrap over 1.6 million cycles per year without wear on the stretching mechanism. That is about 10-15 times better than any other automatic wrapper.

"We saved more than EUR 50,000 annually"

Included in Lachenmeier’s solution were decreased cycle time and reduced film usage, which led to significant freight savings and reduced material costs.

"Lachenmeier helped us improve efficiencies on the packing line"

With a payback period of only 9 months, our new wrapping solution improved efficiencies in the warehouse as well.

"The benefits of Lachenmeier pallet packaging are noticeable"

They improved the load stability and thereby reduced the number of return products all while providing a cost-effective packaging solution.

"Smartpack proved its worth"

We invested in a complete smartpack packaging solution from Lachenmeier and reduced packaging costs by 40% while at the same time improving load stability.

"Our reason for choosing Lachenmeier"

The consultative approach and the in-depth surveys and analysis carried out demonstrated great professionalism and convinced us of Lachenmeier as the right partner.