Service & Support

Service & Support

Preventive maintenance is essential to enhance the operational performance of your machine.

Signing a service agreement with Lachenmeier makes your day-to-day operation efficient and uninterrupted. We take care of maintenance in due time, avoiding breakdowns and keeping scheduled downtime to a minimum. With a Lachenmeier service agreement you can rest assured that your system is working optimally.

Our global network of technicians is your guarantee that preventive maintenance, service and annual checks are carried out by skilled service technicians who are always up to date on latest technologies.

Signing up for a Lachenmeier service agreement allowing our technicians to service your packaging line is your safeguard against unforeseen expenditure. Regular servicing of your line ensures that it works with optimum performance and efficiency.

Technical audits

Furthermore, we offer a Lachenmeier pallet wrap audit, a diagnostic tool we use to clarify whether your packaging line is optimized to guarantee that your costs are kept to a minimum, meaning a check up on both machine and film issues. Contact us for furhter info at 

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Pallet wrap audit

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