Building products

Building products

Bag packaging - Cement, mortar, gypsum and lime as well as roofing shingles, flooring and all other building products wrapped for transport.

Building products such as cement, mortar, gypsum board, finishing compound, insulation panels, etc, are shipped to distributors, retailers and construction sites all around the world. These transporting processes require effective and secure wrapping solutions. It is necessary to wrap loads in such a way that the product is well protected against rough handling, inclement weather, and other abuse over which a manufacturer has no control. As a result, Lachenmeier recommends their stretch hooding system to wrap and protect loads for these industries. 

Unlike stretch wrapping and top sheets, stretch hood film does not create the risk of water running down between the layers of film, potentially damaging the product. It also keeps the product more stable and provides a more appealing visual package. The overall cost per load may be reduced, because there is no manual labor involved, it eliminates the need for top sheets or bags, and there is no need for trucking tarps, etc.

Lachenmeier's stretch hooding process is a one machine, one step process, which saves on production line space due to a small footprint and the elimination of upstream top sheet, or bag placers. The equipment has less moving parts than most stretch wrapping systems and requires fewer steps to properly wrap the load. It is a more efficient system that will increase through put and reduce downtime.

Small but powerfull

Check out our packaging system, the Power Flex T1. The perfect machine for products with minor variation in size.

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