Automatic bagger

Wrapping of corrugated produce container bales

The Lachenmeier Automatic Bagger is a Multi FleXL designed especially for corrugated products. The machine is designed to meet the requirements of the corrugated industry regarding flexibility and speed.

The bagger can be configured with three different film sizes, enabling the machine to select a film size with an excellent fit for each load size in question.


The bagger and our innovative conveyor design is developed for "true" multiple load size processing, which is the top level of flexibility in hood wrapping.

It is extremely valuable for applications such as produce boxes and printed paper boards, where a considerable portion of the production is bagged at a very high speed to protect the product against rain, dirt, insects, etc. Also protected against condensation with the Lachenmeier Xeros® film.

A capacity of 150+ loads per hour eliminates bottleneck issues, and thereby increases the overall line performance.

The overall line performance typically improves up to 10% when switching to a Lachenmeier bagger.  

Large load sizes

Large load sizes are not a problem.Our Multi FleXL wraps loads up to 3m in lenght and 3m in height.

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