Food Packaging

Food packaging

Packing food in boxes, jars, cartons, bottles and other containers

Palletized food products require protection from shock, vibration and compression arising during transport. Knowing the product and the limitation as to what it can withstand as to pressure, etc,. we select the film with the necessary holding force and stiffness to generate the optimum stability without damaging the product.

No matter if food in cans, in boxes, in glass or PET bottles, we know exactly how to wrap in order to protect the load, not only to provide the optimum load stability, but also to make sure that the product itself is not being damaged by a film pressing with too much force against the load.

Lachenmeier Stretch Hood Food DK

Small but powerfull

Check out our packaging system, the Power Flex T1. The perfect machine for products with minor variation in size.

More about our Power Flex T1

WHY change to Stretch Hood for wrapping of food products:

  • Reduce your overall film costs without compromising on the required load stability

  • Remove excess primary and secondary packaging material and save money on your total packaging costs

  • Remember - the optimum look is boosting your brand

WHY change to Stretch Hood for wrapping of food products: