Insulation materials

Insulation materials

Packing insulation - transport secure your insulation materials with a Lachenmeier wrapping technology.

Packaging insulation products creates some unique challenges. For example: Insulation panels and panel boards come in a variety of sizes ranging from 48 inches x 48 inches, to 48 inches x 120 inches. These loads use larger hoods of film, which create larger film gussets. It is very important that the equipment you choose has the capability to apply the film to the top of the loads as flat as possible. This keeps the gusset flat to the load and reduces the possibility of the wind, or weather from getting inside the gusset during transportation and potentially tearing open the film. If a quality film is used for the wrapping process, more often than not, a gusset sealer is not needed as an inline equipment option.

Rolls of insulation pose other challenges. These loads demand the film to provide load stability, but in many cases requires the machine and film to work together to compress the load and maintain a particular load dimension after the hood has been placed.

In order to achieve proper success at wrapping the two types of load described above, it requires a stretch hooder with the flexibility and control of the Lachenmeier machine. Lachenmeier's patented film delivery system controls how the film is stretched before application, while utilizing the countless parameter adjustments needed to control the film throughout the wrapping process. The combination of these two features reduces film consumption per load, lowers cost and creates the best overall wrapped load for this industry.

Lachenmeier can help you meet your wrapping goals, by offering the industries only complete stretch hooding system of equipment and film.

Large load sizes

Large load sizes are not a problem.Our Multi FleXL wraps loads up to 3m in lenght and 3m in height.

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