Shrink wrapping

Shrink Wrap Technology

Shrink packaging for optimum load stability. Shrink wrap for all shapes and sizes


Why Shrink Wrapping?

Remember: "The condition in which your customers receive your products, reflects the image of your company...! So why not rely on a packaging method, which has been a part of our product range since our foundation back in 1969.

Pallet shrink wrap provides important protection of goods and connects them to a pallet for safe transportation or storage by keeping the items tightly bound and protected from the elements. The shrink hood is blown up like a balloon and then applied over the load safely and without touching it. After application, the film hood is shrunk by means of heat and load and pallet are kept tightly together thanks to our bottom shrink system.

Due to the film hood, as apposed to other market models, being applied vertically from the top of the machine, we save film, as it is possible to reduce the film circumference and still guarantee a safe non-contact hood application.

Shrink is specially suitable for glass products and products with uneven shapes - shrink wrapping is for all shapes and sizes.

Check out our shrink wrap machine type Combi Flex.

Shrink Wrap Machines from Lachenmeier

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