Chemical packaging

Chemical packaging

Chemical packaging - Chemicals in sacks, super sacks and octabins safely wrapped with Lachenmeier wrapping technology.

Whether product is packaged in smaller sack loads, super sacks or octabins, Lachenmeier has for years been a preferred supplier of pallet wrapping machines for the chemical industry.

Chemical resins packaged in plastic sacks can be challenging loads to stabilize. The plastic sacks are often slick, allowing product to slide around on top of each other, causing loads to shift during transportation. Such a load requires a combination of the right stretch hood machine, combined with the right stretch hood film formulation. Lachenmeier's equipment offers the flexibility to securely wrap the loads.

In an ever changing stretch hood film industry, film manufacturers are constantly striving to go thinner and stretch farther. This is a good philosophy, but if you don't have a stretch hood machine than can accommodate this type of film technology, then the technology has no advantage. Lachenmeier's patented film delivery system provides the control and programing flexibility to adjust to the film being run on it. This allows the film to utilize its optimal potential. Without this type of control, equipment may be limited to how it can apply the film to the load, resulting in inadequate load stability.  As a result, Lachenmeier recommends their stretch hooding system for the bagged chemical industry.

Unlike stretch wrapping and top sheets, stretch hood film does not have the risk of water running down between the layers of film, potentially damaging the product. It also keeps the product more stable and provides a more appealing visual package. The overall cost per load may be reduced, because there is no manual labor involved, it eliminates the need for top sheets or bags, no need for trucking tarps, etc.

Lachenmeier's stretch hooding process is a one machine, one step process, which saves on production line space due to a small footprint and the elimination of upstream top sheets, or bag placers. The equipment has less moving parts than most stretch wrapping systems and requires fewer steps to properly wrap the load. It is a more efficient system that will increase through put and reduce downtime.

Small but powerfull

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